An award-winning journalist, Greg Borzo has written several books about Chicago, bicycling, transportation and history. To share his passion for these subjects, he gives talks and tours for various organizations, including the Chicago History Museum, Chicago Cycling Club and Forgotten Chicago. He lives in the South Loop to better enjoy all the art & architecture, culture & history, biking & “L” and writing & reading opportunities that Chicago offers.

Upcoming Talk or Tour

2015 09/22 The Forgotten Story of Chicago Cable Cars

    Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015, 6:30 - 8:00 pm. at the Edgewater Public Library, 6000 N. Broadway, Chicago. 
    Free and open to the public.
    Also sponsored by the Edgewater Historical Society. For information, call (312) 636-8968.

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    RAGBRAI Book Cover

    RAGBRAI: America’s Favorite Bicycle Ride

    Launched as a lark in 1973, RAGBRAI has grown into the world’s largest, longest and oldest bicycle touring event. Every year, more than 12,000 cyclists from fifty states and dozens of countries ride across Iowa while thousands of Iowans welcome, feed and shelter them. Borzo has gathered hundreds of stories that reveal the essence of this event and a lavish collection of photographs and cartoons that illustrate RAGBRAI’s kaleidoscopic character.

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    Chicago Cable Cars Book Cover

    Chicago Cable Cars

    When most people hear “cable car” they think “San Francisco.” Yet for 25 years Chicago boasted the world’s largest system, transporting over a billion riders. This gigantic public work filled residents with pride—and robber barons’ pockets with money. Also, it sparked a nationwide cable car building boom. The fascinating story of the rise and fall of Chicago’s cable cars has been virtually forgotten—even though the city is full of remnants.

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    Where To Bike Chicago Book Cover

    Where to Bike Chicago: Best Biking in City and Suburbs

    Tired of biking the crowded Lakefront? Then this book is for you. It describes 72 of the region’s best bike rides from the Wisconsin border to Joliet and into Indiana. Throw your bike on your car or Metra and ride these easy-to-follow routes with detailed, bike-specific maps and queue sheets. Routes are rated by difficulty, length and type of terrain. This indispensible guide includes a chapter on Chicago’s colorful bicycling history.

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    The Chicago L Book Cover

    The Chicago “L”

    Discover the world-famous Chicago “L” in all its grit and glory. See how this enduring icon, this working antique, came to be and why it should be preserved. Learn how the early “L” lines helped build Chicago and how today’s “L,” which carries over half a million riders a day, helps revitalize neighborhoods and tie the city together.  This coffee-table book includes 250 photos. Mass transit never looked so good!

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